Generate inject-ready .apps for the Health & Safety system app (on 3DS)
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Universal Inject Generator

This script will generate inject-ready apps from homebrew CIAs to inject over the Health & Safety app in the 3DS console. The package includes code by @Syphurith, CTRtool (by profi200) and 3DStool (by dnasdw).

This is used in conjunction with most recent (mine) Decrypt9's "Dump Health&Safety" and "Inject Health&Safety" features. You can only inject .apps smaller or equal in size to the original H&S app. Decrypt9 has a safety check build in and won't proceed with bigger ones. Per CIA, two inject apps will be created - with and without banner - the one with a banner is preferable, but may be to large to inject.

This is how it works:

  • Put (dumped via Decrypt9) plus as many homebrew CIAs as you like into the input folder.
  • Run go.bat, you'll get one inject-ready .app per CIA.
  • If the last one for some reason doesn't work, you may try deep-decrypting (via Decrypt9) your CIAs first.
  • To inject, rename inject-ready .app to, put it into the root of your 3DS SD card and inject via Decrypt9.

Linux users: you need libstdc++6 and gcc installed. Ubuntu users also need to update to the toolchain version as described here:

You should always generate your inject-ready .apps yourself and never take ones from other persons. There might be a version mismatch in the H&S app, leading to it not working otherwise.

Discuss this script here: